The Road Trip Diaries – Alone

My next few blogs grow out of a 3,670 mile road trip August 18 to 26. The purpose of the trip was simple. Quinten, our youngest, was going to college in Abbotsford, BC. Why not turn this into a family vacation? Kyle, our eldest, and Miguel, our neighbor who is like a son, also agreed to join us. On the morning of August 18th we headed west – 2 cars, 5 drivers, and the wide open road.

I am not sure what I was expecting, but this trip stirred up a whole lot of memories, emotions, and reflections. For those of you who have not had to opportunity of driving through states like Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming, it is hard to describe how vast the wide open spaces are. We had lots of time to talk, sit in quiet reflection, and wonder about the future.

I will start with the last day of this epic journey. Rita and I pulled into the Flying-J in Cheyenne WY, the final stop before arriving back at home in Denver. It just so happened that this was also our first stop on the way to Abbotsford 8 days earlier. On this last day there was 1 car and 2 people, just Rita and me. Quinten was in school. A few days earlier I had dropped Kyle and Miguel off at SeaTac airport in Seattle. Kyle flew to Stoney Point NY for a week of orientation after which he would be going to Chicago. Miguel flew back to Denver for work.

As we pulled into the Flying-J, all kinds of emotions started welling up. Last year Rita and I experienced a type of empty nest. Both our boys left for a year of service but in my mind they were going to be moving home at the end of their year. As I drove up to the fuel pump it hit me. My boys are growing up, they are going their own way, and they are becoming the adults we always hoped they would become.

So I was happy and I was sad. On the trip from Cheyenne to Denver I found myself driving a bit slower. I wasn’t ready for the empty house we were about to encounter. Last year was a year of preparation, so there is sense in which Rita and I have some experience with an empty house and a quieter life. However, this time it feels permanent. I am confident we will adjust to this new reality. For now I am going to be sad and grateful. Sad because I miss my boys. Grateful because I am happy with how they have turned out.


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  1. Chet Hover

    Well, you made my day…..I was just sitting around trying not to fall asleep from watching boring TV when I decided to get to work on catching up on my e-mail. I started our deleting a dozen or so pieces of junk mail, found your latest message, and settled in to see what’s up. And now I am sitting here chuckling out loud at the picture of the two of you just fading away all alone in an empty house….there is about as much chance of that as the Rockies winning the World Series. Take the advice of this elderly little old lady….

    1. keep all empty beds made ump with clean sheets, and plenty of closet space, and fresh towels’;just in case.

    2.fill your freezer full of quick yummy goodies, from cookies to large casseroles, just in case. 3.make sure your boys, relations, and special friends know where your door key is hidden, just in case. 4. Do not make any long term plans, day dreams, “one of these days we are going to” plans….God just chuckles at those. 5.Get a dog or two….preferably a puppy…that is a sure way to mess up any future plans

    I want you to know that I tried to figure out how to send this on your Comments page, but after wasting several minutes in trying to figure out how the works I gave it up…..I am hoping that now you both will have some time to come to visit the elderly….free meals are happily included…..

    hugs and love…..chet


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