Later this month, our family will road-trip to Saskatchewan.  One of our visits will be to my brother-in-law Danny.  Very few people actually refer to him by his given name.

His grandchildren know him as Grandpa Farmer.

His nieces and nephews call him Uncle Farmer.

The rest of us simply call him Farmer.

A couple of years ago, he and I traveled to Miami together. Even in South Florida, he oozed “farmer.”

Whether he is driving his tractor, sitting in a restaurant, playing golf, driving his truck, or visiting family and friends, Danny is Farmer.  He hasn’t been through any formal vocational discernment process, but he lives his calling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It is fun to hang out with someone who has such a strong sense of call.

At DOOR, it is not unusual to enter into discussions with our year-long interns and summer staff about the future.  The conversation usually begins with the following statement, “I just want to know what God wants me to do.”  We work in partnership with Volunteers Exploring Vocation to walk alongside young adults as they seek answers and guidance to the “What am I called to?” question.

In the past, my secret hope was that everybody would discern a call to full-time vocational ministry.  To be honest, I still want these young adults who serve and work with us to at least explore the possibility of a call to ministry.  Farmer has helped me to understand that vocational discernment is much more than finding a career, it is about finding life – abundant, fulfilling life

It is my hope and prayer that each of you can find your inner Farmer!


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  1. Thank you for your site! I am amazed at each post I read, I was sitting there in agreement with you. This particular post about ‘Farmer’ caught my eye because my family and I are in Saskatchewan and farmer was my husband’s nickname ever since he can remember. (At the time he was given the nickname, he didn’t live on a farm!)

    I wanted to comment because your post responded to me because eventhough I do not have a scholarship behind me or any formal training except crisis line work, what I do seems to be a part of who I am, and who God has created in me.

    I too wish that everyone could find something to do that they are good at, that they know like the back of their hand and be content in doing it. I stand in agreement with you, I do wish and hope others would find peace in all they do because scripture tells us that when we work, eventhough we have bosses, and people we are accountable to, we musn’t forget that the work we do is for God. God is our chain of command, He’s our boss and this has helped me through times of struggle when I doubt myself, and most people ask themselves ‘ is this all worth it?’ In God’s eyes, it is.

    Working for Him, keeps things in perspective and helps that so called job you love to hate become a way that brings out the inner passion and the inner you. Finding ways to add your own flair brings added comfort. So be all you can be, if not for you~for God!
    God Bless,

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